June 13

Posted by: Ann
3:33PM -- 06.13.2011

This morning we tubed down the Ichetucknee River, a freshwater spring where the water is crystal clear.  There were three events of interest during this lazy trip through cool water and Spanish Moss (my favorite moss for aesthetic purposes):

•thanks to my easy but fun science class last semester I recognized the turtles we saw as Suwannee River Cooters. (school=learning stuff!)
•one of the Cooters instigated a rude exchange with Ryan, starting with it hissing at him and culminating with him giving it that very worst of hand gestures. Perhaps it heard him mocking it’s name earlier but who can know.
•the biggest speckled fish I ever did see swam under us.

Also of interest: we just ate a much needed lunch in the town of Apalachicola, Florida.  Best town name ever.