8-10, 2011

Posted by: Ann
1:46PM -- 06.14.2011

Far down, further back

We arrived, hot and parched

A pool for skateboards

Our host Pat skates the pool

Pick up trucks like the beach, too.

This may be called a “century plant” but it looked like the biggest aloe plant in the world. I wanted to go back for it after the sunburns we acquired at the beach.

Abandoned golf course turned into disc golf course

Pat and Andrew like disc golf

Ryan manages not to get snake-bit while retrieving a disc from the bushes. He also likes disc golf.

Golf Cart Graveyard of the Atlantic


Out at sea on the ferry to Ocracoke Island for dinner and beers by the sea

Rival Ferry


Men at Sea/ Sea Men

I am, apparently, enthralled by the gulls and pelicans overhead

Ry on the Ferry heading toward the mainland