June 21, 2011
Rio Arriba County,

Posted by: Ryan
12:14PM -- 06.25.2011

Native American graffiti

We slipped through some barbed wire to look at this old boring pile of rocks.

Except the rocks are covered in 300+ year-old drawings like this coyote eating a snake. My Uncle Einnar (actually first cousin once removed) found this spot some years back and has arranged it so he can bring people out there.

Ann on the hunt

The glyphs are practically invisible until you’re right up next to them.

Even Gabe blended right in.


Everything on the ground (cactii, goat heads, spanish bayonets) is out to hurt you.

No you fools, over here!

And then, we came upon a startling discovery.

This is going to set jazz hands anthropology back decades.

the view from the top of the hill

The only soft green thing in the whole place.