June 20 – 22

Posted by: Ryan
12:17AM -- 07.03.2011

high summer visit with Violet and Einnar

These hilltop crosses were our navigation device to find Einnar and Violet’s.

Their house sits in this little valley between the highway and the Rio Grande.

Those clusters of trees run along the riverbank.

first light on the solstice

The house is a converted nursery on a big piece of land with a handful of other houses.

Including this one, which during my last visit four years ago had been recently vacated by a man that had taken a vow of silence.

The property also has its own private cave.

All of the rocks for the steps came from the hillside the staircase ascends.

Inside it’s like a primitive spaceship.

Got to get me one of these

We dropped by Embudo Fabric Design up at the top of the first arroyo to check out Joan’s studio. She ran power a half mile up the hill from a neighbor via an extension chord for 25 years.

She hand prints tons of great shirts, potholders, &c

screen library

inventory warehouse

golden locust tree