June 29
Big Sur, CA

Posted by: Ann
12:44PM -- 07.13.2011

We drove up the coast from LA to Big Sur, probably the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen.

The Hearst Castle is up on that hill- this was, unfortunately, as close as we got to it.

The warning on the sign by Elephant Seal Beach

Elephant seals.  5,000 pound slug-like seals who fight with each other, flop around, splash sand on themselves, and make ridiculous noises.

A crow for my mom

Our campsite at Treebones in Big Sur with the best view ever.

More views from our campsite.  Notice the Civil War style canvas tent.

Someone lives down there.

Through the trees in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

The cove with a waterfall onto the beach at Julia Pfeiffer Burns

More views of the Cove

Looking at clouds from the car

Bixby Bridge on the coastal drive