June 30 – July 2, 2011

Posted by: Ryan
2:20PM -- 07.13.2011

We followed these guys up the coast.

We stopped to check out Cannery Row and Monterey Bay.

The first light we stopped at in Berkeley had a biodiesel gas station.

We got to Josh’s at the time when everything is awesome.

Berkeley backyard

We stayed in one of several sheds out back.

“I think this is the nicest fucking shed there’s ever been!”
(for Bubbles)

Josh’s garage apartment / rabbit hutch

After we got settled we went for a walk up into the hills.

The view was pretty hard to believe.

We found a sketchy-looking rope swing out over a ravine.

So we went for it.

Josh as a stuntman

looking for a good spot to set

Ann and Josh take it all in.

Sunset Magazine would have approved.