16-17, 2011
Austin, TX

Posted by: Ann
5:16PM -- 06.21.2011

Vacation in Austin: An awesome hotel in an awesome city

a sign in the skyline approaching the city

The San Jose Hotel where we stayed


it was this hot, or at least my car thought it was.

Barton Springs- the spring fed pool in town

This fence keeps the riff-raff on the non-paying side away from the honest folks on the paying side

feet in the water

If we had a dog we would have hung out on the other side of the fence with these guys

This boots store had one million pairs of boots- I tried on this pair that cost a rather steep $2,500

But settled on this more reasonable pair for a fraction of the price

Ryan enjoys some delicious crepes from the crepe cart

Live music and BBQ

Ryan gets artistic

Self portrait in our sweet suite before hitting the road