June 19 & 20, 2011
Aspen Glade,

Posted by: Ryan
8:08AM -- 06.22.2011

My grandparents used to take my Dad and my aunts and uncle here camping.

Aspen Glade and the Canejos River

It’s really fast and really cold.

A balance beam I did not attempt (see above).

The Canejos is among the best trout fishing rivers in the country.

That evening we feasted on some weird local delicacies (Bud Light & Clamato with salt and lime?)

Dad overseeing our tinfoil-roasted feast

Optimus Prime was our campground neighbor. It got into the 30s at night and the forecast held the possibility of snow.

Ann was able to catch me off guard in the morning (thanks for that Jess).

early morning self portrait

Only fly-fishing is allowed here, and it’s one of the few spots left in America that only wild trout (no hatchery fish) run.

I will have to come back for that another time though.

Baby birch trees are adorable.

The Thacker family, ca. 1959(ish?)